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New to this site? Follow these three easy steps to enter your photos
(click on the arrows for detailed instructions)


Once you have registered and are authenticated, click on the 'My Photo Vault' menu option.  A list of uploaded photos will be displayed (or just an empty list if you have not uploaded a photo yet).
Click on the 'Upload New Photo' link.

First ensure that you select the correct photo size model as specified in the event rules. Most events use the XGA size model (1024 x 768px size), but some, like the Africa Photographic Awards (APA), uses their own propriety size model to enable them to use the photos in the publishing of their coffee table book.

Once the correct size model is selected, click on the browse button to select the photo to be uploaded. Lastly, give the photo an appropriate title.  Note that it is not necessary to add your own identifying information to the photo title, the system will generate the photo file names automatically as required.  Unless instructed in the rules, always select 'Digital general' as the 'Photo Medium'.
To upload the selected photo and add to your personal photo vault, click on the 'Submit' button.  Repeat these steps for all the photos you want to upload.
With all your photos uploaded, you are now ready to enter your photos in the event.  If the event is a 'featured' event, it will be displayed on the home page. 
Click on the 'Already Uploaded? Enter here' button.
If the event is not a 'featured' event, you will find it under the 'My Entries' Menu option.
Fill in the details about your entry as well as your payment:
If you are not a PSSA member, leave the 'PSSA Member No' field blank. Fill in the two fields for the number of categories entered and the number of catelogues you want to order.

If you are a local South African, you need to pay for your entry using normal internet banking. Once paid, click on the 'Choose File' browse button to upload your Proof of Payment.
If you are not from South Africa, you need to pay via Paypal. Click on the 'Payments by Paypal' button. Note that you do not need to upload a proof of payment when paying with Paypal, the system will automatically generate a proof of payment.
You are now ready to click the submit button. If this is the first time you have accessed this event's screen, the button will read 'Save Details/Upload Proof of Payment and Continue to Photos.'
On subsequent visits the button will read: 'Update Details or Upload Proof of Payment'
You are not ready for Step 3 - Assign your photos to the Event
Once you have clicked on the save button as explained in Step 2, the page will expand to show a grid with links to all categories. Each row in the grid represents a specific category, with the category name forming a hyperlink to a page where you can manage the photos for that category.
Once you have assigned photos to a category, you will see a list of the assigned photo titles in the grid cell for that category.  It also shows you the photo size model applicable to this category.
The category management screen consists of two grids with thumbnails. The top grid shows the thumbnails of the photos currently assigned to this category. Use the Sort hyperlink to change the order of the entered photos. To remove a photo from the list of entered photos, simply click on the thumbnail.
Below this grid is a another grid of available photos (only photos conforming to the size model of this category will be displayed).
To assign a photo to this category, simple click on the thumbnail of a photo in the available grid. When you have assigned all the photos to this category, click on the 'Back to my Entry Overview' link at the top of the page.
Repeat this process for each category. When done, click on the 'Finalise my Entry' button. You will receive an email with an overview of your entry.